House for Sale Laguna

Canlubang, Cabuyao, Laguna

House and lot in Laguna

We have available residential house and lot for sale in Cabuyao Laguna - The perfect home community subdivision properties for people looking for cool weather in the south of Metro Manila. Alegria at Dos Rios - Moldex

Carmelry Industrial Park Canlubang, Laguna - premier House and Lot project available for sale. For price list and site tripping, please contact us.

Development Size
32.3 Hectares

Canlubang Golf (Cangolf) Road, Canlubang,

LS Number
Phase 1: #19914 / Phase 2: #27512

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House for Sale Laguna
Andrea Spanish

Floor Area: --
Lot Area: --

House for Sale Cabuyao Laguna

Floor Area: 103.8-sqm
Lot Area: 120-sqm

Residential House Laguna

Floor Area: 166.8-sqm
Lot Area: 150-sqm

Residential House Cabuyao Laguna

Floor Area: 144.55-sqm
Lot Area: 120-sqm

House and Lot Laguna

Floor Area: 166.88-sqm
Lot Area: 150-sqm

House and Lot Cabuyao Laguna

Floor Area: 72-sqm
Lot Area: 120-sqm

Laguna Properties

Floor Area: 62-sqm
Lot Area: 120-sqm

Cabuyao Laguna Properties

Floor Area: 131.25-sqm
Lot Area: 120-sqm

House and Lot for Sale Laguna

Floor Area: 68-sqm
Lot Area: 120-sqm

House and Lot For Sale Cabuyao Laguna

Floor Area: 132.0 sqm
Lot Area: 132.4 sqm

House for Sale Laguna

Floor Area: 157-sqm
Lot Area: 120-sqm

House for Sale Canlubang Laguna

Floor Area: 146 sqm
Lot Area: 154 sqm

Residential House Laguna

Floor Area: 136 sqm
Lot Area: 132

  • Lot Prices

    Main Road Inner
    Phase 2B LA: 168 sqm 21,200/sqm

    Phase 2A LA: 126 sqm 17,200/sqm
    Phase 2A LA: 119 sqm 17,200/sqm

    Regular Inner
    Phase 2A LA: 108 sqm 16,200/sqm

    Phase 2A LA: 102 sqm 16,200/sqm

  • Features

    Main Entrance Gate with Guard House
    24-hour Security Service
    Centralized Water Supply System by Angeles Water District
    Semi-underground Electrical Facilities
    Underground Drainage System
    Concrete Roads & Gutters
    Perimeter Fence
    Commercial Area

  • Amenities

    Coffee Lounge
    Landscape Perks
    Game Room
    Lounge Bar
    Jogging Lane
    Basketball Court
    Swimming Pool
    Children's Playground